Friend Art

Sometimes super cool people draw my dumb characters or make other things that I straight up do not deserve. Here's a page dedicated to everyone who has done that!  It's organized by category and by artist! Thank you, guys! Even if it wasn't "fan art" or if it was a request, I'm still extremely excited and flattered you'd spend even a fraction of a second making something inspired by my stupid comic!! I love you all so, so much! Thank you!

PLEEEEEASE excuse the random order of the arts, when I used to get very little art, I just put them in order of artist! Also, if your amazing piece isn't up here, PLEASE YELL AT ME! I'll put it up super fast!

October 2018 Edit: After having lost track of the amount of works sent to me, I've stopped updating this page, but I seriously do cherish everything I recieve and save it all to my phone and computer!


My lovely waifu Epiale made a comic of Raul, Uni, and James sucking at surviving a zombie apocalypse. Uni and Raul are from her comic Catihorn, which is amazing and sexy and you should read it. 

 Elaine and Pegasus' murder marriage. Pegasus is another character from Catihorn.

Freaky-ass James headshot~!

James being 2SPOOKY4ME


And that's about it as far as what Epi's done for me. She's awesome and I love her and everything she does for me, like, whoa ladyface, chill out. I haven't drawn nearly as much for you. Yet.


ArgyleFox of Indifferently Evil, My Silent, Violent Scream, and Here There Be Dwagons drew me my first full-color reader art EVER and I cried profusely. I love it. You are a lovely man, Argyle!


Once upon a time Van Husk I made an art request thread and I asked for a James and they complied with SIGNIFICANTLY MORE THAN EXPECTED. I love this so, so much, it's been my phone background ever since. Van Husk is the creator of Random Things for Random Beings on this site and it's super cute and you should give it a read when you have the chance!


My friend Natomi, who writes and illustrates the comic Taking Over Layen, drew up a James headshot and I screamed. She's also done a three-page crossover comic between TOL and Nightlight for Comic Fury's Pirate Prom Crossover Exchange which can be found here, here, and here. She also once drew him in a LiveStream, but I can't currently locate the picture. But when I do, it'll pop up here. Thank you, Natomi! I'm working on two things for you at this point in time! You're lovely~!


Night had a celebratory fan art request thread so I asked for a piece and she made this little cutie! Like, wow. James is ruining my life. Night is the creator of Experiments, which is really cool and has some SUPER RAD MONSTERS HOLY SHIT!

Night returns with a some cute as heck fluff of my James and Tolly :')


My friend Red Girl doodled a little crossover between Nightlight and their comic Those Who Travel, an Over the Garden Wall fan comic which I love. This is her character Berny, who is also a bat creature, meeting James and being heart-breakingly adorable. Those Who Travel is super great and Red Girl is one of my best friends ever and you should give it a look! I'm in the process of finishing fan art for it myself! 

Red_Girl sent me this for Winter! Thank you again, babby, I died all over you via message~


Like, what do I even say about this, I love it so much. The artist formerly known as Donkaccino Casscade sent me this AMAZING piece via PM and I screamed in the middle of a phone call. In the middle of a sentence. Oh my god. I love this. Casscade has a comic that has not yet updated, but I'm already intrigued!


the_quiller sent me this and IT'S ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE I' M DEAD. Quiller is the creator of  Becoming Legend here on Comic Fury!

Matt Knab did a really neat Halloween Cosplay James and my god it's handsome and wonderful :'3


This is a rad portrait from my friend Leafa, who writes Art of Monsters and Breaking the Lore! Thank you, Leafa!

The above two are from my good buddy/beloved senpai ProfEtheric, and you're probably aware that he writes Autumn Bay.

Here's a blacklight James from my homie Darkus, the cool guy who makes Lambo! You know, the rad flash animated comic? read it!

Here's a beautiful piece by my friend Spelledeg! She does the incredible INTS: Black Gate. Lighting goals!

Here's something from joeyballast, the creator of Cato's Apprenticeship, which is gorgeous and heartwrenching and you need to read it. This was actually a request I didn't think would be fulfilled, but hey! Thanks, Joey!

This one is honestly like amazing, and it was done by my friend HeSerpenty who is also amazing, and she writes Serpents of Old, which is VERY AMAZING. This picture made me feel so hard, I think I cried. 

This is a creepyass drawing of Victor from hykez, and there's an alternate version of this picture with Victor wearing a party hat. You're a sick man, hykez, and I appreciate the hell out of that.

This is a birthday gift from my girl Seabiscuit! Do I even have to mention that she does Wastelanders Anonymous? Everyone knows it. I love James in her style :'D

This is one cuteass birthday gift from NoiV, the homie who does the eternally sexy Secrets of the Afterlife. Look at this nerd in this suit. Omg.

These two FREAKING ADORABLE pictures are from my boy Jammy, the cutiepatoot behind Rocky and the Rifle and Five Kids at Freddy's. The same rad guy who voiced James and Elaine and even dressed as James for Halloween. You fantastic little overachiever. I love you.

Serpy made me another thing for my birthday and wow it's cute, thank you Serps <3



And another creepy gif by ArgyleFox :'D


xianyu118, or Trad, or whatever his name is drew up a little James mugshot when I was participating in the Character Battle II as a part of a group of other characters. I love it so here it is! This guy does so many comics I can't even name them all!

One time James ran for president against Loup Noir and it ended exactly how you'd expect. LeRenardRoux drew their absurd debate. Luckily Jesus wasn't there to tell anyone to make Randall Terry gay. From the Comic Fury Madness Tournament!

From my friend Red Girl again, but this time it's an animation rig! They're an animation student over at SCAD and they're super talented and I can't wait to watch their cartoons someday! 

Blockround made a shitty MSPaint drawing of Elaine in a request thread and it's extremely accurate and amazing. He does Cake Fish 88 which is also amazing.

Zartala had a sketch request thread in the style of their comic Eternity Complex and I asked for James. It's a super cute sketch! I later reread the thread in full and I think it was also a cameo request thread and I smacked myself for being flighty. :'D Thank you, Zartala!! Your comic is on my "To Read" list!!

My buddy Taily of Awkward Paws and I had an art trade and she made a very frightened Claus because she's a cool lady B)

Here's a super cute art from Amalockh1, the super spooky creator of the super spooky Armless Amy! It's James and his favortie meal!

Oooooh, DemonicPlant hooked me up with some rad shippy art of Claus and George~! The guys are cuties together, but alas! It will never be! Thank you, though, bab, it warmed my heart. C: DemonicPlant is the creator of the cute and colorful Rose Garden, of which the main character is a GUY OK!

My shiny, sparkly friend Rinkelle gifted me a shiny, sparkly Tolly for the holidays! She's so cute! Rinkelle is the magical mastermind behind Xenobiosis and Mnemosyne!

Oh man, here's an intimidating Elaine from the hella-talented Memoria Caelestie, the creator of the beautifully detailed Diexemor! Go check her comic out if you want to oggle at incredible scenery and intricate character designs!

My friend Moe/RockCandyAsylum sent me a super cute James drawing! Moe is the rad artist and writer of Nothing Important Happened Today, which is a good read with a colorful cast and snappy writing!

Here's Tolly from Shirokuro, looking sultry as heck. Shirokuro does the comic Shiro and Kuro, which is possibly the most romantically tense comic I've ever read.

These two were done by Revzet, creator of Epic Land and Paradox and I love her and I love them, aah

This is another one by Van Husk and it's so adorable, I can't handle it omg

HeSerpenty was doing headshots in celebration of Serpents of Old hitting 200 subs, and she did a Christine :D 

Here's another from joeyballast, and it's also requested, but it's still great and I still love it and i'm still extremely grateful :D

from apocalypticnight again! it's so pretty!

gideonland made me this in a thread! it's so amazing! thank you!!

here's a really supercool piece from CallMeTom!! it's so well done and i love it so much !!

here's a lil cutie patoot from Van Husk I~!

Pip made some little video game sprites! makes me want to play an RPG

ServerPanda made this beautiful piece of art and wow i'm in love ;~;

from harajuku_Smittle, who makes sexy women and emailed me the entire script for Bee Movie

from cool rhiannon, who is cool and makes Bunny Gore Justice which is also cool and i love, please read it

from Vince the Stick, who makes Threshold, which is vaguely BDSM, so obviously i love it

from Agent Cheshire, who makes goodass art <3

from Leafa for a shipping exchange, Hui and Elaine go on a spooky date

azurextwilight and i did an art trade that also involved shipping and James got to third base

from Babble_ON, who does a lot of things i love, including Castle Hawkingspire, flexing, and being good at sex

from Van Husk I again, because we're buddies <3



Not Art But Still Rad!

So JammyTheWerewolf, creator of Five Kids at Freddy's, decided to be a glorious human being and voiced pages 2 and 3 of Nightlight so perfectly that I died several times. It's perfect and wonderful and exactly how I imagined my characters sounding. Thank you, Jammy! You're amazing! You can find the video here!

Another voicey thing: my girl Taily voiced Tolly! It's perfect and beautiful and you can listen to it right here!

AND ANOTHER VOICE THING! Prof did a voice over of Victor's dialogue and he made him sound way sexier than he deserves >:( Link is here!

Oh my god another voice thing. This one is a gift from Taily! She supports ProZD on Patreon and ended up getting him to voice James. That's here!


Believe it or not, I recieve fanfiction, so far all from Lilbluebox. Here they are!


“Best part of Christmas, if ya ask me.”

He hadn't, but the confession doesn't come as a surprise. Tolly's fingers slip against his palm and urge his fingers to twist with hers as they walk down the suburban sidewalks in the dead of night, Christmas lights draped over greenery and twined around fenceposts and scattered into the forms of cute animal lawn decorations – and all James can do is nod because it's not like he doesn't agree (doesn't have any way not to agree; this is his first Christmas and he has no way of knowing if this is best or not), but Tolly's fingers are warm and small and firm and his throat will barely let him breathe, let alone talk.

So he doesn't. Instead, James just tightens his grip on her tiny hand and hopes that does the talking for him (Tolly smiles because she sees the dusky purple flush on his cheeks as they pass a streetlamp, and yeah, that's her Jamie.)



It's a stupid tradition, and it's a stupider plant, and trying to explain it to James is about as easy as passing Trig. “So...” James says, his forehead creased in confusion as he touches one of the white berries on the door decoration, “It's a parasite that forces people to kiss?”

“Nah.” And Tolly wonders, not for the first time, how she gets into these situations. “It's a parasite fer the tree, and David's just an ass that likes ta pick on me.”

James' hand goes back to his chest like the plant bit him and he shoots her a vaguely panicked look before both his hands disappear into the deep pockets of his coat – and she knows just how deep those suckers are. And how warm.

“I wouldn't -” James swallows. “I'd never kiss you because of a plant, Tolly. Not unless you wanted me to,” he adds in almost a mumble.

Tolly grins, because she can't help it, because he's adorable and she loves him way too much to let him just sit there in awkward terror, and tugs him down by the lapel of his coat to press a dry, slightly chapped kiss to his cheek. A flush blooms beneath her lips and she almost, but not quite, laughs. “Look, tell ya what,” she says, letting go of his coat and looping her arm through the crook of his elbow. “Lemme kill David first. Then we can have all the plant kisses ya want.”



Sometimes it takes all Tolly has not to cry. The scar tissue webs across his body in angry ropes and vicious slivers, silver lines of pain and heartbreak that gouge far more than just skin and muscle. And she hates it, she hates how gray is broken without apology with white, how old hurts will never, ever fade away or be magically kissed better, no matter how often she tries. She hates how her Jamie, her beautiful, loving, sweet James has been shattered time and again, how his poor, bruised, battered heart feels in her hands, such a tender thing that he's decided to trust her with despite all common sense and history.

Sometimes Tolly touches his skin and wonders how he's managed to keep himself together this long, all broken pieces piercing his soft heart, and Jamie, Jamie, how has he lived so long with glue and bits of string desperately trying to tie himself together?

And sometimes Tolly gives in and cries anyway, when James is asleep and can't see, because someone should.